Dr. Jatin Bhatt >>Phd Scholars

Doctoral Students:

  1. Pallavi Deshmukh; “Title: Synthesis and characterization of Al-Mg-SiO2 composite using nanostructured silica from rice husk “(Awarded in Sept 2014): Presently Assistant Manager (R & D), Minex Metallurgical Ltd, Nagpur.
  2. Sandeep Fale; “Title : Synthesis and Mechanical Properties evaluation of Al-AlN nanocomposites with varying AlN Content” (Awarded in Sept 2015): Presently Associate Professor & Dean P R Pote College of Engineering and Management, Amravati.
  3. Ashwini Kumar; “Title Development of Rare earth activated alumino-silicate based nanophosphors for solid state lighting “ (Awarded in Sept 2015); Presently Post Doc in Dept of Physics, University of Free State, Republic of South Africa.
  4. Vincent S Kumar; “Title: Alloy design for bulk metallic glass forming composition and its biocompatibility study ” (Awarded in Sept 2015); Presently Assistant Professor, BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus.
  5. Prashant Parhad; “Evaluation of Machinability of Austempered Ductile Iron” (Awarded in Sept 2015); Presently Associate Professor, KITS Ramtek.
  6. Satish Idury; "Deformation studies on Metallic Glasses using cluster dynamics"(Year of registration, Aug. 2014, undergoing)
  7. Anuj Khond "W based BMG composites" (Year of registration, Jan. 2016, undergoing)