Dr. Jatin Bhatt >>PG Project Students

Master’s Student:

  1. Siddesh J Behre, M.Tech title: "Synthesis and characterization of Silicon Quantum dots by Hot wire chemical vapour deposition" (completed in June 2010)
  2. Vincent S Kumar, M.Tech title: "Thermodynamic Basis for Composition Optimization and Nano-Crystallization Study of Metallic Glasses"(completed in June 2011) Co-Guide: Dr. D.R. Peshwe
  3. Dipika Barbadikar, M.Tech title:"Optimization of process parameters in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) for the synthesis of Si Quantum Dots" (completed in June 2011) Co-Guide: Dr. R. M. Patrikar, VLSI
  4. Devendra K, M.Tech title: "Evolution of Mechanical properties of Al-AlN Metal Matrix Composite" (completed in June 2012)
  5. Anuj Khond, M.Tech title: "Wettability studies of Aluminium nitride in Aluminium matrix" (completed in June 2013)
  6. Aditya Gokhale, M.Tech title: "Study Of Kinetic Constraints & Cluster Dynamics In The Formation Of Metallic Glass" (completed in June 2014) Co-Guide: Dr. D.R.Peshwe
  7. Satish Idury,M.Tech title: "Thermodynamic modeling for composition design of High Entropy Metallic Glasses" (completed in June 2014) Co-Guide: Prof. B.S. Murty, IIT Madras
  8. Gaurav Ashok Gaurkhede, M.Tech title: "Synthesis and characterization of Al-Zr conductor alloys"(Completed in June 2015) Co-Guide: Mr. Ram Chauhan, JNARDDC
  9. Sumeet Sharma, M.Tech title "Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on Age Hardened Aluminium Alloys 7XXX series"(Completed in June 2015) Main Guide: Dr. Ajay Likhite
  10. Yogesh Prabhu, M.Tech title "Microstructural Analysis Of Aluminium Cast Strip To Understand Homogenization Process " (Completed in June 2016) In Colloboration with Mr. Krishna Kumar- HINDALCO Mouda.
  11. Mayur Bansal, M.Tech title"To understand Structural Origin of Metallic Glass Devitrification"(Completed in June 2016)