M.Tech Projects:-

  2017-18 :


Project Guide


Name Of Student


Dr. A.K. Srivastav
Dr. D.R. Peshwe
Dr. Nitin Labhsetwar
Dr. G. Saravanan

Functionalized Graphene/Graphene oxide based nano catalysts for the control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)                

Ujjawal Pathak


Dr. A.P. Patil

Effect of cold work and thermal ageing on corrosion of stainless steels.

Santosh Kumar Gupta


Dr. R.V. Taiwade

Dr. A.P. Patil

Effect of different coating behavior on stainless steels


| Dr. S.G. Sapate

Tribological behaviour of thermal spray coatings

Bikram Jyoti Sahariah


Dr. A.A. Likhite

Friction stir welding of Al alloys

Sonu Yadav


Dr. R.K. Khatirkar

Structure property correlation in weldments

Tushar Dandekar


Dr. R.C. Rathod

Electroactive polyamide composite coatings for anticorrosive applications

Jitendra B. Chavhan


Dr. S.N. Paul

Deformation behaviour of some thermally activated polymers 16

Yashodeep S. Takore


Dr. V. Udhayabanu

Microstructural and mechanical characterization of 7075 Al alloy - Gr Composite                                                                          

Royyala Srinivas


Dr. M.M. Thawre
Dr. A.R. Ballal

Matrix cracking studies in composites subjected to fatigue loads

Prasanna Dupare



Title of thesis

Name of student




Jan 2004


Study of Fatigue properties of  Fiber reinforced Polymer based composites


Ms. Manjusha S. Duragkar


Dr. D.R . Peshwe,


(M/s. Weldmet Tech.)

Jan 2004

To study & develop the Methodology for improving the life of  traditional  tools ( artisan made ) in the rural area

Mrs. Varsha  A. Chourasia

Dr. D.R . Peshwe



Study of Welding of steels with respect to 7018 electrode

Nagendra Chandrakar

Dr.D.R. Peshwe,

Dr. S.U. Pathak

Development of new glass ceramics from industrial wastes

Anand S. Kulkarni

Dr.D.R. Peshwe,

Dr. V.K.Deshpande


Welding Metallurgy of steels with respect to 7018 electrode

Vikas Gadpayale

Dr.D.R. Peshwe

Orientation dependence of recovery and recrystallization in interstitial free steel

Ashvin Gaikwad

Dr.R.K. Paretkar

R.K. Khatirkar

Utilization of Rice Husk in producing Al SiO2 Nano-Cast Composite.

Pallavi Deshmukh


Y. Y. Mavhajan


Development & Characterization of Lithium Borosilicate Glasses

 Ms. Nitee Khare


Dr. V.K.Deshpande

Texture and microstructure development during recrystallization in interstitial free and interstitial free high strength steels

Sunil Kumar

R.K. Khatirkar

Development of Low carbon equivalent Austempered Ductile Iron 

Mangesh D. Pustode

Dr.S.U. Pathak


Tribological behaviour of coatings by HVOF & Plasma and its characterizations.

Yogesh S. Ninawe

Dr.D.R. Peshwe

Effect of recovery on the development of recrystallization texture in interstitial free steel

Meenakshi Digrase

R.K. Khatirkar

Corrosion fatigue behaviour of AISI type 316LN stainless steels for different nitrogen content.

Sachin Ghugal

R.V. Taiwade,

A.P. Patil (VNIT)

Dr.Hasan.A.R. Shaikh & R.K.Dayal   (IGCAR, Kalpakkam)    


Evaluation of Wear Properties and Machinability Of Pre-inoculated Austemepered Ductile Iron

Anand M. Raut




Recrystallization behavior of interstitial free high strength steel

Kiran Kumar S

R.K. Khatirkar

Influence of grain size on kinetics of sensitization/desensitization and GB character distribution of 316LN SS

Sateesh Pinninti

R.V. Taiwade (VNIT),

Dr.N.Parvathavarthini  (IGCAR)

Corrosion behaviour of lean duplex SS in acidic media containing chloride

Amit Manik Uke

Dr.A.P. Patil

Fatigue behaviour of composites

Vinayak Dakre

Prof.Mrs.Manjusha                 Dr.R.K.Paretkar

Establishing the effect of PANI on corrosion behaviour of HS Al alloys

Avishkar Rathod


Dr.S.S. Umare

Correlation of microstructure with machinability of  pre inculated by C.E iron and CADI

Basanth Kumar K.

Dr. S.U. Pathak


Optimization of Si Quantum dot structures for device application

Dipika Barbadikar

Dr.Jatin Bhatt

Effect of deformation and thermal aging on corrosion fatigue behaviour of type 316LN SS

Gurram Srinivas

Prof. A.D.Chopde ,

Dr.A.P. Patil ,

Dr.Hasan Sheikh

High Temperature behaviour of nuclear grade steel

Lakshmi Prasad

Dr. R.K.Paretkar

Prof.Atul Ballal

Bulk  Nanocomposites from BMG

Vincent S.

Dr.Jatin Bhatt 

Dr. D.R. Peshwe

Investigation into the breakage of polyester fiber during melt spinning

Puli Nageswar Rao




Studies of abrasiveness of different ore-slurries

Santosh Pandey


Studies on abrasive wear of some alloy steels and coatings

Sarfaraj Ahmed


Evaluation of degradation behaviour of some polymer blends

Shilpa Dongare

Dr. S.U. Pathak

Dr. D.R. Peshwe


Computer Simulation of melt spinning process of polyester filament

G. Venkanna

Dr. S. N. Paul &

Dr. R.K. Dutta

Studies on  Welding and Sensitization  of Austenitic Stainless Steels

Ravindra Ghugal 

Prof. R. V. Taiwade

& Dr. A.P. Patil

 Mechanical Properties Evaluation of Al-AlN Metal Matrix   composites  

Devender K. 

Dr. Jatin Bhatt

& Dr. A.A.Likhite 

 Cryogenic treatment of cast iron

Sandeep Shende 

Dr. Ajay Likhite &

Dr. S.U. Pathak

Microstructure Evolution During Heat Treatment of Grade 92 Steel 

B..Santosh Kumar 

Prof. D. R. Peshwe

Prof. A.R. Ballal

Prof. R. K.Paretkar

  Dr. M.D. Mathew

 High Temperature Tensile Properties of Power Plant  Material

K.Kiran Kumar 

Prof. A.R.Ballal

Prof. D. R. Peshwe

Prof. R. K.Paretkar

Dr. M.D. Mathew

 Effect of Notch on High Temperature Behavior of Grade 92 Steel

G.Srinivas Reddy 

Prof. R. K.Paretkar

Prof. A.R. Ballal

Prof. D. R. Peshwe

Dr. M.D. Mathew

 Investigations on Slurry Abrasion  Behavior of Stainless Steels

Prashant Yadav

Dr. S.G.Sapate

 Preparation and Characterization of  Polyaniline Polycarbonate Composite 

Punam Gupta

Prof. R.C.Rathod

Dr. S.S. Umare

Dr. V.K.Didolkar