The department is actively working in rural sector.

Activities involve:

 KVIC Project 

Improvement in life of agricultural and blacksmithy tools, optimization of heat treatment parameters


Development of laminates from agricultural and forest wastes 

  • Design & development of machinery tool for Ginning and Pressing Machine

  • Stirrup making machine

  • Hand operated Extruder



  •                  PRAYAAS is a socio-cultural organization of students of VNIT supported by students and faculty.  Students of the Department are actively participating in community services activity by developing technologies and its effective transfer and also by adopting villages for overall development.  Departmental students have actively participated in adoption of two villages such as
  1. Dhanodi, Wardha
  2. Devlapar, Nagpur
  • Prayaas Camp


  • Conveying the importance of biodiesel for rural development at Hemalkasa village