Post Graduate Programme (Regular)



M.Tech. in Materials Engineering 18 Seats

M.Tech in



18 Seats     Scheme and Syllabus
M.Tech. by Research This is a unique facility available to the metallurgists engaged in industries and R & D organisations to facilitate them to complete their   post graduation by research.




The Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) of PG programme in Materials Engineering are set to enable students:


  • To understand the facets of advanced technologies/processes/ materials necessary in the engineering field
  • To apply the concepts to solve the engineering problems in a scientific and systematic way
  • For professional and research careers in the field of metallurgical and materials engineering
  • To appreciate the significance of team work and collaborations in designing, planning, and implementing solutions for practical problems and facilitate the networking with national research and academic organizations



Program Outcomes:


  1.        PO1 – Gain knowledge of the concepts of materials engineering
  2.      PO2 – Ability to analyse the problem correctly
  3.      PO3 – Apply the knowledge to design and development of possible solutions
  4.        PO4 – Ability for a systematic investigation of complex problems in engineering
  5.        PO5 – Should be able to handle and use modern tools in materials engineering
  6.      PO6 – Foster a strong bonding with the human society
  7.      PO7 – Appreciate the implications of environment for sustainable solutions
  8.      PO8Understand and practice the profession in ethical manner
  9.      PO9 – Ability to work as an individual and in team
  10.        PO10 – Ability to communicate effectively in oral as well as written manner
  11.      PO11 – Develop an approach for lifelong learning in profession
  12.      PO12 – Ability to manage and finance the engineering projects




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